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In this blog you will get to know Lord Krishna’s history and find some amazing photos of Krishna. You can download them easily.  We have some of the best photos of krishna Picture for sending to your relatives , sharing with your friends on WhatsApp , Facebook , Twitter etc.

About Lord Krishna

Lord Krishna, the eight avatar of God Vishnu is revered as the supreme God within Hinduism. He was born in the northern region of India (around the time of 3,228 BCE) Lord Krishna’s birth is the beginning in the Dvapara age and the beginning in the Kal yuga (which can be often referred to as the present age).

krishna Picture ultimate god. A lot of Krishna myths originate directly from Mahabharata as well as the Puranas.

Krishna’s birthday is celebrated each the year by Hindus during Krishna Janmashtami, according to the lunisolar Hindu calendar. The date is usually either in late August or September.

Later in his works Lord Krishna was described as a slayer of demons, an elusive lover among all devotional devotees as well as a dedicated father and son.

He also shook the sacred hill of Govardhana with one hand to shield his devotees from Indra’s fury.

The art of Krishna is often depicted in black-blue skin, an apron and peacock feathers in a crown. As a heavenly lover, he is depicted playing the flute, and is surrounded by beautiful women.

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Baby Krishna HD
Baby Krishna HD | Cute Krishna Wallpaper


Baby Krishna
Baby Krishna | krishna Picture
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Cute Krishna
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He advised all people to the best of his abilities. His instructions to Arjuna actually was to stay within the world, pursuing his Dharma. “His life was a great illustration of how to stay without being smothered by the fires of the world,”.

He teaches us how to be successful in life , even amid the challenges. The Lord doesn’t tell that we cut off the relationships we have with others to realize our Self. He suggests that we be free of any attachments, while maintaining the love of our relationships and fulfilling our family obligations


 Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


Q1.How was Krishna died?

– Krishna lived in the forest, where he was killed by an arrow shot by an hunter named Jara who mistakenly interpreted Krishna’s foot with the movement of a deer. The arrow was pierced through Krishna’s foot.

Q2.What is Specialty about Krishna?

– He is revered in the form of the eight avatar Vishnu and is also considered to be the ultimate God. He is also known as God of Protection as well as compassion, tenderness and love. He is an idol that is well-known and revered of all Indian divinities.

Q3.Why does Krishna wear peacock feather?

– Peacock feathers, too is one of the favorite items among Shri Krishna. The fact that he had the feather on his crown is enough to demonstrate its significance to his personal life.  Peacock feather is significant as per religious texts as well. It eases the burdens of life and promotes happiness peace, prosperity and peace.

Q4. How to download krishna Picture on the mobile phone?

– Open the website – > Open the page of the God you want to download an image of.
Simply click on the photo you wish to download.
Long press on the image, then select download image & the picture will be downloaded to your phone.


   “JAY SHREE KRISHNA”                                                                                            “HARE KRISHNA”


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