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Bhagavan (Sanskrit: भगवान्, romanized: Bhagavān; Pali: Bhagavā), also spelt Bhagwan (sometimes translated in English as “Lord”), is an epithet within Indian religions used to denote figures of religious worship. In Hinduism it is used to signify a deity or avatar, particularly for Krishna and Vishnu in Vaishnavism and Shiva in Shaivism.[1][2] In Jainism the term refers to the Tirthankaras, particularly Mahavira, and in Buddhism to the Buddha.[3] In many parts of India and South Asia, Bhagavan represents the abstract concept of a universal God to Hindus who are spiritual and religious but do not worship a specific deity.[1] In bhakti school literature, the term is typically used for any deity to whom prayers are offered. A particular deity is often the devotee’s one and only Bh agavan.[2] The female equivalent of Bhagavān is Bhagavati.[4][5] To some Hindus, the word Bhagavan is an abstract, genderless concept of God. In Buddhism’s Pali and Sanskrit scriptures, the term is used to denote Gautama Buddha, referring him as Bhagavā or Bhagavān (translated with the phrase “Lord” or “The Blessed One”).[6][7] The term Bhagavan is also found in other Theravada, Mahayana and Tantra Buddhist texts.[8][9]

Hello Friends, Ganpati Bappa Morya!!

In this section of the blog, you will find the best Ganapathi Bhagwan Ki Photos &  now you can also share these images with your friends and family on occasions and also download them.

These beautiful and latest images will blow your mind. Now, you can also download these images for setting as wallpaper so that you can pray and seek blessing every time you switch on your mobile or laptop.

Also, you can use these photos for your wallpaper or DP or you can also use them to share on social media like WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram to wish Good Morning or on any other occasion.

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Here Are The Latest Ganapathi Bhagwan Ki Photos

Siddhivinayak ganapati images 2021
Siddhi Vinayak ganapati Bappa | Ganapathi Bhagwan Ki Photos
Ganesh Wallpaper HD 2021 1
Ganesh Wallpaper HD | Ganapathi Bhagwan Ki Photos
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Ganesha Sri Sankashti Chaturthi | Ganapathi Bhagwan Ki Photos
Ganesh Devta Ji Wallpaper for Aarti 1
Ganesh Devta Ji Wallpaper for Aarti | Ganesh Ji ki photo
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Ganesh images png HD transparent png | Ganesh Ji ki photo
Ganesh Ji Wallpaper Images Hd 1
ganesh ji ki photo | Ganapathi Bhagwan Ki Photos
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Ganpati Wallpaper HD | Ganapathi Bhagwan Ki Photos
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HD Ganpati images for mobile wallpaper
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HD wallpaper Ganesh Ji | Ganapathi Bhagwan Ki Photos
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Lord Ganesha HD pictures | Ganapathi DP
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Lord Ganesh Ji Wallpaper 1
Lord Ganesh Ji Wallpaper | Ganesh Photos Hd Wallpaper
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lord Ganesh Vinayaka HD png photos images | Ganapathi Bhagwan Ki Photos
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Lord Ganpati HD picture downloads | Ganpati Bappa DP
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Lord Ganesha HD wallpaper desktop | Lalbaghcha Raja Ganesh Ji
Religious Ganesh Chaturthi Golden Ganesha Wallpaper HD Mobile Wallpapers 1
Religious Ganesh Chaturthi Golden Ganesha Wallpaper HD Mobile & Desktop | Ganesh Pic
Shree Ganesha Ji HD Wallpapers for Mobile Cover Picture 1
Shree Ganesha Ji HD Wallpapers for Mobile Cover Picture | Ganesh images full HD
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Download Ganpati God Ji Wallpaper HD 1
Download Ganpati God Ji Wallpaper HD | Ganapathi Bhagwan Ki Photos
First God Ganesh Ji Maharaj hd Wallpaper 1
First God Ganesh Ji Maharaj HD Wallpaper |photography Ganpati images HD
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Ganesh Ji images |Lord Vinayaka Ka Photo
hd images of ganapati images
HD image of Ganapati Bappa | Shri Ganesh Download Images For Whatsapp

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Ganapati bappa images for whatsapp dp
Ganapati bappa hd image for wallpaper
ganapati bappa images for wallpaper
Andheri cha Raja 2019
ganapati-bappaimages for sharing on whatsapp
Ganesh Laxmi Saraswati

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ganapati bappa images 2021
Ganapati Bappa Mourya | Ganapathi Images Download For Facebook, Instagram, Whatsapp, Twitter And Linkedin
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Lal Baug cha raja | Ganesh images full HD | Ganapathi 4k Latest Photos Download

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Brief Summary on Shree Ganesh Ji – 

Ganesha is the child of Shiva and Parvati and is the younger brother of Karthikeya (or Subrahmanya) the god of war.
While Ganesha is a god with many qualities He is easily identified with his famous elephant’s head. Ganesha is often regarded as a god of the people in particular for his ability to remove obstacles and is believed to bring luck.

In certain regions in India Ganesha is portrayed as an avowed celibate. In other parts of India, it is believed that he was tied to two wives, Buddhi “Intelligence” as well as Siddhi “Success”. Other traditions also give him the third wife, Riddhi “Prosperity”.

Ganesha (Sanskrit: Gaṇeśa) Also called Ganapati and Vinayaka Ganesha is among the most revered and well-known gods in the Hindu pantheon. His image is seen all over India, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia, Philippines, and Bangladesh, and in other countries with huge ethnic Indian populations.

Ganesha is also revered as the principal god of both Jainism as well as Buddhism. In Ganesha, the Ganapatya religion, Ganesha is the most important god.

Here is the list of names God Ganesh Ji is also popularly known as:

  • Bhalchandra
  • Chaturbhuj
  • Ekdant
  • Gajanana
  • Ganadhisha
  • Kapila
  • Krishnapingaksha
  • Lambodara
  • Mahakaaya
  • Mangamurti
  • Nandana
  • Omkaar
  • Rudrapriya
  • Shurpakarna
  • Siddhi Vinayaka
  • Sumukha
  • Vakratunda
  • Vignharta
  • Pitambara
  • Vinayaka
  • Vishwaraja


1. Who is Lord Ganesha’s sons?

Shubh (Auspiciousness) and “Laabh” (Profit) is the name of two children of Lord Ganesha this is the reason why these names are usually written alongside the idol of Lord Ganesha.

2. What is Bhagwan Ganesh Ji’s Vehicle (Vahan)?

The vehicle (Vahan) of Lord Ganesha is a mouse, which symbolizes the elimination of inner darkness, i.e. to stifle desires.

3. What are some of the most popular names for Ganesha?

The most well-known names for Ganesh Ji include Ganapati, Gajavaktra, Haridra, Gajanan, Dwimukha, Vighnaharta, Vinayaka, Mahaganapati, Heramba, Siddhaye, Vakpati, Shivapriya Siddhivinayaka Agraganyaya, Agrapujyaya, Sarvaya, Shri Vighneshwaraya, Sumukha, Umaputra, Ganadhisha, Lambodara, Vakratunda, Ekadanta.

4. How to download Ganapathi Bhagwan Ki Photos on the mobile phone?

Open the website – > Open the page of the God you want to download an image of.
Simply click on the photo you wish to download.
Long press on the image, then select download image & the picture will be downloaded to your phone.



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